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NEW BOOK: The Exodus of Our Lives
Target Release Date: Late September 2018
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There are times in our lives when we recognize that we need to re-group to move ahead, when we need to embark on a journey. Maybe we find ourselves in bondage on some level; or maybe we feel called to step out of our familiar existence and to move into uncharted waters; or maybe we are simply moving into a new facet of life.

The question is this: How do we prepare for the journey so that we make it to the destination? The answer lies in knowing how to travel, what to expect, and what to do once you get there.

Jesus wants us to embark on a journey. Jesus wants us to view life as a journey and to embrace each season of our life on this journey. Jesus wants us to be free from the bondage of ourselves. He wants us to find true fulfillment in life — a fulfillment that can only be found in Him. That, my friend, is the Promised Land! This may sound like I am saying, “it’s all about me”. The truth is, when we make our lives all about God, yes, when our lives are all about Jesus and others around us, we find true fulfillment and freedom. We find the Promised Land.

Often there are several legs on the journey that are a part of the larger quest to reach the Promised Land. I want to help you identify your journeys, prepare for them using Biblical principles, and to lay the groundwork that will help you navigate the many obstacles and pitfalls that often keep us from reaching that sacred place.  Additionally, I want you to know the secret of living in the Promised Land once you arrive.

My prayer, is that as you read these pages, as you see yourself in this narrative that is shared by so many of us in life, is that you will be given the strength to depart on a journey and the knowledge of what to expect along the way so that you will be able to enter and live in your Promised Land.

Let’s prepare for the Exodus of our lives.