Welcome to the Study

20140531-pastor-janThank you for visiting Pastor-Jan.com! My hope is that you may find some resources for your Bible study, some encouragement in your journey and most of all,  a closer relationship with Jesus.

On the right you can visit some of my resource websites as well as some highly recommended web homes of my close friends that you will find encouraging and useful.

Praying that you:

— Follow Jesus by fostering and growing your relationship with Him.

— Use the gifts that God has planted in you. Our God is a creator God and like Him, we find great fulfillment in using our gifts.

— Learn to forgive in order to find peace in your life.

— Daily rely on Jesus to walk with you through the sunshine, the rain, the sleet and the snow. He is there.

May God bless your journey and each and every day of your life!